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Chine, Tibet, Inde, to each their own yoga

Yes, let's give credit where credit is due and stop putting "Tibetan" on everything and anything.

Just yesterday, I came across some so-called Tibetan incense, in the same line as the so-called Tibetan singing bowls, the Tibetan reiki with symbols and a logic that has nothing to do with the real practice of healing by laying on of hands that is practiced in the Tibetan yogic system, or the 5 Tibetan rites, those famous movements whose theory is 100% based on the Indian yogic system and not the one explained in the Tibetan system, which are of course not recognized by any Tibetan master.

So today, let's keep it simple, and simply logical!

If you are attracted by Indian deities, then get closer to Indian yogas and Ayurvedic medicine in order to talk about Doshas, Nadis, 7 chakras, pranayama,..., in order to integrate an approach of inner development of body and mind through an Indian wisdom of movements, breath, meditative practices, dietetics, in coherence with this Indian universe.

If you are rather attracted by the mysteries of the Wisdom of Ancient China, Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism, you will be fulfilled by the practice of Gi Qong, Tai Chi and many other movement techniques inherent to traditional Chinese medicine. The teaching can be combined with Chinese dietetics, acupuncture, etc...

If you are captivated by the Tibetan monasteries and their numerous deities, the ephemeral sand mandalas with 1000 colors, the stories of awakened lives through Milarepa, Padmasambhava, Tilopa, Naropa, Shantideva, Dharmakīrti and many others, then don't hesitate, discover the Tibetan yogas which allow to unite Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Buddhism in a unified and marvellous understanding.

Let's remain equanimous

Of course, the purpose of this article is not at all to say one is better than the other.

But rather to say that :

  • When we talk about Chi, Prana, Mana, or Lung, we are talking about the same things, but each universe, Indian, Chinese or Tibetan, has its own method, its own words, its own spirit, and so it is always better, for whoever wants to go deep, with a spiritual goal, to put on two identical clogs than to put on a clog on the right and a high heel on the left. Of course, in the latter case, you can still go on the path, but it is obvious that it will be a bit more difficult and longer, especially since you will have to decode that Nadi = Tsa, or that Tsakhor = Chakra. The example is easy, but if you start to unravel the workings of the mind or talk about the two truths, the ultimate and the conventional, it is obvious that everything will become complicated if it is constantly intertwined with the other traditions. In the end, there is a strong risk of not understanding anything at all and of wasting one's time when life passes so quickly, is so short, for those who want to walk on the path of awakening.

All these movement practices are part of a spiritual and holistic system, therefore global, specific to each one. This means that you can of course approach all these movement meditation practices as a simple wellness activity, there will of course be physical benefits, but it would be a shame not to use the spiritual benefits they can bring when presented as a whole.

If you associate them with the universe from which they derive, they have the potential to allow you to transform yourself internally because you will be able to go further and practice them in an inner way.

And so your usual inner practice will benefit from this whole and become deeper!

I often see people posting on social networks under "Tibetan names", indicating that they have taken refuge in Buddhism, follow teachings, meditate, etc... and yet they keep on crying or complaining or being disrespectful or vulgar or even aggressive, not to mention those who mix everything, angels integrate Tibetan Buddhism and we talk about soul...

And there I wonder. What is it that does not work?

Wouldn't it be due to a lack of understanding because of a lack of global vision which can only develop when we hear the teaching coming from the different branches, but branches of the same tree?

So let's talk about Tibetan yoga

Of course, I could talk to you about Indian yogas or Gi Qong, but I don't know anything about it and I don't want to dive into it, preferring to use my neurons to study more and more through Mahayana, Tantrayana and Tibetan Medicine.

So in a more concrete way, I simply invite you to take the step, to try.

Lu Jong will not bite you.

Neither will I.

And you will not be transformed into a wrathful deity either.

You will only gain.

Lu Jong is a practice from the Tibetan Medicine, entirely adapted to our overloaded schedules and to our bodies numbed by too many hours in the office, in the car, on the couch.

There is no need to come back here on all the benefits and advantages of Lu Jong, I have already developed through several articles or directly in the presentation of the practices.

A healing yoga for the body and mind

Medicine is one of the 5 major sciences of Buddhism so why not use a healing yoga from Tibetan medicine, using its names, explanations and concepts?

This is indeed a way to go deeper into the understanding of Buddhist teachings.

I often hear Buddhists say "in the Mahayana, we don't talk about channels, the subtle body, etc... because it is reserved for the Tantrayana". Why? "because it is dangerous".

This approach is really a pity because not to speak about the channels and the subtle body, it means to deny all the medicine which however is well part of Buddhism! and the medicine is not dangerous! the Tibetan medicine is a very deep science, strong of results, and bringing a logical, methodical, and scientific comprehension of our bodies and mind.

When we teach Lu Jong, we bring a practical teaching through movements, breath work, meditation, but also a theoretical teaching that delivers understandings about the relationship between the body and the mind, through Buddhism and through Tibetan medicine.

This allows you to better understand who you are, why you function in a certain way, why your body lacks energy. You discover the relationship that allows you to transform the mind by using the body, you understand how the body participates in this transformation of the mind.

This approach allows you to deepen the meditation practice that you might already have with a master and allows you to considerably improve your general health and your daily life both physically and in terms of appreciation of the present moment since body and mind are intrinsically linked!

Appreciation of the present moment in the midst of life's difficulties will become your best ally for days when joy will take over fears while the body will be lighter, more supple, more radiant, more pleasant inside. You feel good. You feel well.

In these times of global changes and difficulties, there is nothing better than to approach a complete practice that will allow you to be well.

Really well. Internally, physically.

So see you soon on a course, online or face to face in Paris or Martigny (Swiss Valais), a retreat (in France, Switzerland or elsewhere), a trip (the next ones, in 2023, are organized during Buddhist events...! !), a teacher training (yes, you too can enter this universe to transmit it !!!).


--> Teacher training is given from 1 person upward. Kathy is in Lu Jong 1 teacher training ending in July. Aurore and Mickael are in training until January. It is possible to join or start a new training course from 1 person, Info here.
--> Johnathan returns to do the last course of Tog Chöd training in Chamonix at the end of June 2024. Venerable Oser is starting the Tog Chöd teacher training with the first face-to-face course in June in Chamonix and is already getting the hang of it with the theory through access to the online extranet. You can still join this training. The next training of Top Chod will perhaps start in June 2027 (or perhaps 2025 or 2026), to be continued...

--> A Tog ChOd discovery weekend is offered to everyone at the end of June! Info here

-->  We will be in Thailand in May and June and can offer discovery sessions or modules B of Lu Jong and Tog Chöd teacher training in French and English: in Chamonix from the end of June to the end of September, in Tenerife in October, in Nepal at the beginning of November 2024, in Thailand in November and December, and on Reunion Island in January 2025. And last minute... the Kora Kailash trip will take place in mid 2026 (the previous one was in 2018.. .), but will be reserved for former students or former participants of at least one trip with us! so if you would like to organize a retreat or training at these locations, contact us!

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