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Nombreux cours ouverts à tous !
Accès illimité / Formules abonnements / Dès 10 euros par cours !
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"Ordonnée dans la tradition Ngakpa,

je poursuis mon développement au sein des traditions Gelug,
Nyingma, Drikung Kagyu, Barom Kagyu et de la Médecine Tibétaine"


"Je vous propose un enseignement Bouddhiste traditionnel et en même temps très directement en lien avec nos vies quotidiennes..."


Going further : Buddhism and Meditations (Shiné and Lhaktong)


When we teach Lu Jong and Tog Chöd, we cannot help but bring in the subjects of Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine as well as the meditation methods of Shine meditation (stabilization of the mind) and Lhaktong meditation (development of sight).

Indeed, we talk about the mind, our emotions, the winds, the breath, the energy, the duality, the 2 truths, the emptiness, the mental calmness,...
It is often difficult to integrate this information when one is not already versed into Buddhist teachings and when one does not know how to integrate this knowledge through practice.


As an educator training new Lu Jong and Tog Chöd teachers, I see the different needs and shortcomings in the course of training.

I therefore offer sessions to go further.

The aim is to start a path of inner transformation, through the combination of theoretical courses and meditative practices, allowing us to contemplate our minds and integrate the understandings. 


The goal is to help the Lu Jong and Tog Chöd teachers to grow inwardly and thus be more comfortable when they bring the introductory theories of the Lu Jong and Tog Chöd courses.

These are purely theoretical courses in Buddhism and Meditation, so there will be no Lu Jong or Tog Chöd practice.


The sessions are held once a week, on Thursday evenings, from 8:30 to 10:00 pm, in French language.

These classes are recorded and can be viewed in replay on the same extranet where the Lu Jong and Tog Chöd trainings take place.
If English language teachers are interested in following these classes, please let me know, and i will add English subtitles to the replays.


The price is PWYC (Pay What You Can) starting from 1 euro. To learn more about PWYC (Pay What You Can), read here.


I open these courses to all Lu Jong and Tog Chöd teachers, even those who have not been trained by me. In this case I will ask you to send me a copy of your Lu Jong or Tog Chöd teacher's diploma, issued by Nangten Menlang International, in order to verify that you are certified.


Your participation gives you access to 4 live classes per month (Thursday evenings in French) and the REPLAY (with English subtitles) accessible 24 hours a day for an unlimited time.
If you are more then 3 English speaking participants, i could record the classes in English as well... Let's see how it goes !

Regarding payements, you can proceed in 2 ways: 


  • Conscious participation in manual payment: you make your payment, each month, manually, and you can increase or decrease the amount each month according to your possibilities. To do this, use the button below.

  • Conscious participation in automated monthly payments: you ask me to set up a monthly payment, in the amount of your choice and that we can also modify if necessary over the months.


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