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Formations de Professeurs de Lu Jong

En Présentiel ou En ligne
En France : Paris / Chamonix / Sud de la France

En Suisse : Margigny

Sur demande : à l'étranger ou dans les DOM TOM

Du Sur Mesure : nombreuses formules d'horaires, rythme,..

Les atouts de la formation dispensée par Énergétique Tibétaine : l'accès à de très nombreux supports conçus par Energétique Tibétaine (audio-books, supports multimédias, vidéos, etc, le tout dans un extranet accessible 24h/24, 7j/7.

Dates de formations 

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Urgen Tenzin

Lu Jong 1 Teacher
Tibetan Five Elements Practices Teacher

Assisting in translating into English


Valérie Lobsang-Gattini

Lu Jong 1 Educator

Tibetan Five Elements Practices Educator

Teaching in French and English


We teach


In France and worldwide,


Submit your wishes !

And we will adjust

the training of our needs,

surrounded by workshops for YOUR

co-citizens and travels to bring with us OUR co-citizens !



The practical education is composed of:

  • the 5 harmonization movements of the Five Elements,

  • the 5 movements for body mobility,

  • the 5 movements for the vital organs,

  • the 6 movements for the six conditions,

  • Mindfulness meditation based on the five elements.

  • the 9 breaths,

  • complementary practices (self-massage, Kum Nye massage of the Five Elements, Relaxation Postures of the 5 Elements, practices for Quickly Generating Energy...).

The theoretical education consists of:

History of Lu Jong:

  • The origins of Lu Jong,

  • The lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.

Fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism:

  • Tibetan Buddhism,

  • The principles of Tantrayana,

  • Understanding of the subtle body.

Overview of Tibetan Medicine:

  • The theory of elements and humors,

  • Mental poisons and negative emotions,

  • Anatomy, Organs and Diseases.

Additional practices:

  • Kum Nye massage of the Five Elements, exercises around the breath, meditation, exercises to generate energy, relaxation postures of the Five Elements.


  • 4 yogas,

  • mindfulness meditation based on the Five Elements.

Educational tools:

  • Pedagogy and logistics to deliver during a course.


It is important that the future teacher has the pure motivation to help others, to feel love for the practice inspired by their own personal experience and great respect for the precious lineage of Lu Jong of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.

These educations are certified by Nangten Menlang International, the organization for the preservation of ancient Tantrayana wisdom and Tibetan Buddhist culture whose founder is Tulku Lobsang.

This education offers a personal work on the body and the spirit in connection with the philosophy of the Buddhist Tantrayana. Lu Jong is a moving meditation that helps develop compassion . Lu Jong is a complete method that works as long as it respects its integrity. It is essential to understand that the elements that comprise its practice cannot be mixed with other traditions, just as other traditions cannot integrate the practice of Lu Jong. When we do Lu Jong, we do Lu Jong, we do not add Indian yoga or reiki ... in the same way, when we practice Indian yoga or when we do reiki, no elements from Lu Jong are added to it. Splitting the practices is a pledge of respect for Tulku Lobsang and the guarantee of a method that will bring its benefits.


You must participate 100% of the education. If you cannot come for the whole education, you can catch up either by setting up a catch-up course (paying). No refund will be made if you decide to stop the education.

However, it is possible for you, either because you had to stop the education temporarily, or because you do not feel ready to take the practical exam, or because you did not pass the practical exam, to join the next education at no additional cost.


The education includes practice and theory.


For the theory, Nangten Menlang International provides a 350-page training manual as a PDF file.


Valerie has chosen to develop a complete training material in addition to the PDF manual.

This complete and entertaining approach allows you to integrate your training more easily.


This is achieved through a lifetime access to an extranet that is constantly being enriched.


Here is what you will find on the extranet:

  • PDF files delivered by Nangten Menlang International, which are automatically accessible every 4 to 5 days, so that you can go through the theory and take the time to integrate it.



  • audio readings of each chapter of the manual so that you can hear and receive the oral transmission. 

  • multimedia documents offering a summary of each chapter of the manual



  • online MCQs to practice the knowledge you need to acquire and develop


  • resources in the form of additional files (texts, diagrams, photos, videos, etc.)




Module A consists of working through certain chapters of the textbook as well as all the materials related to these chapters (multimedia, audio lectures, MCQs, resources, etc.).



In modules B and C, we return to these chapters but in the form of oral lessons delivered by Valerie.

The other chapters, especially those related to the practical part (movements, ...), are open and therefore accessible on the extranet only once we have done them the first time together.


Lu Jong yoga,

created around

8000 years ago,

is the oldest movement

discipline in Asia,

older than Indian Yoga,

Gi Gonq or Tai Chi.


Based on an in-depth

knowledge of the interplay between nature, body and mind, its specific movements create a balance between fluids and the body's vital elements.


Most of the movements involve movements of the spine (extension, flexion, torsion).


In Tibetan medicine, the spine is a bit of the body's energy box and it is assumed that if the spine is not balanced then all systems in the body are automatically imbalanced.