Urgyen was born in Tibet, near the Nepalese border, in a small farming village.  Coming from a family of farmers and Tibetan doctors, he has always heard the teachings, in the heart of the house, since he was very young. His grandfather had several students to whom he taught Tibetan practices and his father was a fervent practitioner who got up at 5am every day to start his practices.

This environment allowed him to quickly integrate the essence of the teachings and to develop a deep compassion, a very detached understanding of life, to develop an awareness of the present moment in all moments of life, all in a permanent joy of living.


Through his encounter with Valerie, Urgyen trained as a teacher of Lu Jong, Five Element Tibetan Practices, and the Tog ChÖd Wisdom Sword Dance.


His motto: 

"Tomorrow is another day, whatever life offers us, good or bad, let's enjoy the moment. Let's not block out the difficult moments and seize what is very pleasant."