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Registered as Manager of leisure activities with the Register of Stay and Travel Operators, I am authorized to offer practices in the form of retirement stays.

Due to Covid-19, since March 2020, we have transferred our online activities through: group lessons as part of cycles of a few weeks, retreats, and professional training.

The only face-to-face activities are the Tog Chöd teacher, Lu Jong teacher and Five Element Tibetan Practices teacher training courses, which are organized during the fall of 2021 in the Canary Islands. We were in the Canary Islands in the fall of 2020 and we confirm that the management of the health crisis is operated effectively in the Canary Islands, allowing us to offer you these formulas accessible to all, either to become a teacher or to develop the convenient.


the sword of wisdom

meditation in action | sword dance

Tog Chöd is a complete practice created by Tulku Lobsang and having its origin in the father Tantrayana. The movements and postures are taken from Cham dances and Kalachakra dances.

The postures are the method , and the movements are the wisdom . The union of method and wisdom, which is the essence of Buddhism, is expressed in the form of Tog Chöd.

A form that we bring to become stable and clear in order to develop the basic qualities of any meditative practice, which are:


Spring cycle group lessons

Chamonix Mont Blanc

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Tog Chöd

Focus : the 2 sets of movements of Tog Chöd from the angle of mindfulness.

Dates : not yet set up

Price : 6 lessons 60 euros including tax

The sword, our ally, our inner wisdom


The sword is the symbol of wisdom, we use it to lift the veils of our ignorance and bring good peace through a clear mind.


This practice is transmitted by:

  • Valérie Lobsang-Gattini, teacher and trainer of Tog Chöd


The practice of Tog Chöd includes:

  • Tog Chöd 1 (1 series of 4 groups of movements),

  • Tog Chöd 2 (1 series of 5 groups of movements),

  • Prayer of the sword, Lama Chenno

  • Mantras,

  • Respiration Tsa Lung founder,

  • Practice under the 5 elements,

  • Practice on 3 levels: mindfulness, transformation, purification,

  • Meditation

  • Tog Chöd and the 5 elements,

  • Additional practices.


We first learn form, feel and precise movement through mindfulness practice.

Over the course of practice, the 2 series of movements are linked under the different rhythms of the Five Elements which are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Space. We are in the practice of Transformation.

Then comes the formless practice.

Finally, you can receive the transmission of Tog Chöd 3 directly from Tulku Lobsang and thus practice by integrating the deity within you. We are at this stage in a practice of Purification.


This practice is open to everyone! yes, everyone! everyone can practice at their level, at their speed, according to their possibilities!


The practice allows:

• stop our excessive thoughts,
• to make our minds clear and empty,
• reduce and cut our fears and expectations,
• to transform our negative emotions into wisdom and compassion,
• to stimulate and train our body on a physical, emotional and mental level.


Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche received the teachings of Lu Jong from the Bön tradition at the age of 11. At the same time, he received the teachings and transmissions of almost all the Tibetan lineages, except those of the Nyingma tradition. This approach is very rare because it is very difficult. He is thus considered Rimé, that is to say non-sectarian. He studied Buddhist meditation, medicine and astrology. In contact with Westerners, Tulku Lobsang decided to collect Lu Jong exercises from different traditions and lineages, then he modified and adapted them for the human body of Western man, while maintaining their effectiveness, so that people of any age and any physical condition can practice them.


# meditations-du-tog-chöd

The past is your enemy; the future is your demon.

Until you know everything about everything, there is only one way to focus your life. Decide.

Change one; change everything.

There is no enemy outside of yourself.


# video-tog-chöd

I share with you this wonderful video by Arkapa Rinpoche about Tog Chöd

# city-tog-chöd

We live in the mountains ... and when we travel we like to place the Tog Chöd postures in various urban and natural landscapes ... Here is the first series .. # city-tog-chod