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Yoga? more like a meditation with movements...

Tibetan Yoga Kum Nye is not "yoga" in the way we think of yoga. It is rather a meditation in which we integrate some movements.

This practice is THE mindfulness meditation of its origins. It was first brought to the Western world by Tarthang Tulku, a Tibetan lama who was the first to teach outside of the "ritualistic Buddhist" context.

The mindfulness meditations that are spreading in a very commercial way nowadays are in fact only extracts of a profound and really transforming method for those who take the trouble to really integrate it in a "progressive" way, step by step.

For therein lies the secret. Mindfulness is in reality a "multitude of full consciousnesses" brought one after the other, joining each other, and it is useless to start with the senses without having established the deep base that is the full consciousness of the body...

Tarthang Tulku, faced with the fact that Westerners found it difficult to concentrate and thus enter into meditation, then integrated the movements of Tibetan yoga into the meditative practice, bringing the meditative inner journey into a context of mindfulness of the body in movement.

In this way he developed a profound practice that can be approached in different ways:

as an anti-stress tool, an effect that will be felt from the very first sessions... and by all beginners!!!

as a preparation for the long meditations of Buddhist practitioners, as the practice will allow them to descend into deep levels of relaxation and above all, to switch into "perceptual mode", the key to then progressing through the real integration of Tibetan Buddhism and thus a real inner transformation. The big problem for many practitioners is to remain in a conceptual domain, which is not at all the way to practice and integrate Tibetan Buddhism....

Kum Nye meditative 'yoga' is a practice that is brought to you in a guided way. The website now offers 1 year courses with 1 or 3 new sessions per week, allowing everyone to practice according to their availability.

There are new sessions every week because the practice is brought in gradually, a condition for a real transformation. It is indeed difficult to lay the roof of the house if we have not previously laid the walls and the base... The interface where you follow the sessions automatically opens a new week of lessons every Monday morning with, depending on the formula you have chosen, 1 or 3 new sessions per week.

Homework in the form of "conscious gestures" is brought in each week. This is to help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

In your interface, you will also find the texts of the readings that are discussed each week within the introductory theories of each class. Indeed, we are in a process of mindfulness, an understanding of ourselves must therefore emerge, and each class is led by a few minutes of theory around the energetic body, the mind, the interaction between the mind and the outside world, the way thoughts arise and how they can be reduced, our relationship to the breath, the energy of the breath, the impact of judgmental thoughts,...

In order to help you integrate the practice, the interface displays a quiz at the end of each week with the essential points we have worked on during the week.

Finally, a weekly questionnaire reviews your experiences.

Mindfulness is brought to you in a conscious and sustainable way!


--> Teacher training is given from 1 person upward. Kathy is in Lu Jong 1 teacher training ending in July. Aurore and Mickael are in training until January. It is possible to join or start a new training course from 1 person, Info here.
--> Johnathan returns to do the last course of Tog Chöd training in Chamonix at the end of June 2024. Venerable Oser is starting the Tog Chöd teacher training with the first face-to-face course in June in Chamonix and is already getting the hang of it with the theory through access to the online extranet. You can still join this training. The next training of Top Chod will perhaps start in June 2027 (or perhaps 2025 or 2026), to be continued...

--> A Tog ChOd discovery weekend is offered to everyone at the end of June! Info here

-->  We will be in Thailand in May and June and can offer discovery sessions or modules B of Lu Jong and Tog Chöd teacher training in French and English: in Chamonix from the end of June to the end of September, in Tenerife in October, in Nepal at the beginning of November 2024, in Thailand in November and December, and on Reunion Island in January 2025. And last minute... the Kora Kailash trip will take place in mid 2026 (the previous one was in 2018.. .), but will be reserved for former students or former participants of at least one trip with us! so if you would like to organize a retreat or training at these locations, contact us!

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