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Registered as Manager of leisure activities with the Register of Stay and Travel Operators, I am authorized to offer practices in the form of retirement stays.

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Due to Covid-19, since March 2020, we have transferred our online activities through: group lessons as part of cycles of a few weeks, retreats, and professional training.

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The only face-to-face activities are the Tog Chöd teacher, Lu Jong teacher and Five Element Tibetan Practices teacher training courses, which are organized during the fall of 2021 in the Canary Islands. We were in the Canary Islands in the fall of 2020 and we confirm that the management of the health crisis is operated effectively in the Canary Islands, allowing us to offer you these formulas accessible to all, either to become a teacher or to develop the convenient.


of the Five Elements


Lu Jong yoga, created around 8000 years ago, is the oldest movement discipline in Asia, older than Indian Yoga, Gi Gonq or Tai Chi. Based on an in-depth knowledge of the interplay between nature, body and mind, its specific movements create a balance between fluids and the body's vital elements.

The Tibetan practices of the Five Elements take up some of the practices of Lu Jong, especially those related to the 5 elements. The goal is to allow people who do not have time to perform a complete Lu Jong practice, which will last between 1 and 2 hours, to be able to work on their body and their mind, on a daily basis, for 30 minutes. at 1 hour depending on what they include in their session.



This practice is transmitted by:

  • Valérie Lobsang-Gattini , teacher and trainer of Lu Jong and Tibetan Practices of the Five Elements

accompanied by:

  • Urgyen Tenzin , teacher of Lu Jong and Tibetan Practices of the Five Elements.


Lu Jong 1 yoga is made up of 21 movements divided into 5 series:

  • the Nine breaths,

  • the Kum Nye massage of the Five Elements,

  • the harmonization movements of the Five Elements of Lu Jong,

  • mindfulness meditation based on the Five Elements,

  • the relaxation postures of the Five Elements.


The exercises are chained in the form of a continuous movement on which is grafted a calm and regular breath associating a retention of the breath. A more dynamic practice is also possible, in particular to stimulate energy.


Are you stressed, tired? Do you lack the enthusiasm to do things? Do you lack motivation? All of this is the manifestation of an energy that is not flowing properly. In this light version of Lu Jong, we find a concentrate of Tibetan Practices working on the Five Elements. The practice, which will be more beneficial if practiced very regularly, but over a short period of time, will restart the circulation of energy, eliminate energy blockages, and thus allow the mind to calm down, to settle down. The obstacles of life will thus be approached with more serenity. The physical body regains strength as the mind calms down.

The exercises can be done by everyone since they can be performed on a chair, opening their benefits to everyone, people with reduced mobility or the elderly.


Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche received the teachings of Lu Jong from the Bön tradition at the age of 11. At the same time, he received the teachings and transmissions of almost all the Tibetan lineages, except those of the Nyingma tradition. This approach is very rare because it is very difficult. He is thus considered Rimé, that is to say non-sectarian. He studied Buddhist meditation, medicine and astrology. In contact with Westerners, Tulku Lobsang decided to collect Lu Jong exercises from different traditions and lineages, then he modified and adapted them for the human body of Western man, while maintaining their effectiveness, so that people of any age and any physical condition can practice them.


It was through the deep knowledge of the interdependence between nature, mind and body that the yogis of that time shaped the movements of Lu Jong. These great yogis understood the importance of the influence on us, of nature and of the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind and space. They understood the deep connection between our mind, our breathing and the subtle internal winds that is life energy.

The healing force that resonates with the rhythms of nature is evident when observing animals and their behaviors in certain situations. This innate knowledge, this ability to sense things, modern man has simply lost. In his way of thinking and his way of living everyday life, modern man obliges himself to force himself at work and in his life. This is unnatural and has devastating effects on health, causing loss of sensitivity in one's own body and no longer even feeling the negative influences of one's mind. Emotional disturbances and heart problems are all too common ... Likewise, modern man suffers from back problems due to not moving enough and spending too long hours sitting ... The food consumed contains too many substances chemicals which can damage the liver and stomach, cause blood diseases or tumors. In his perpetual race for material gain, modern man has totally uprooted himself from his incarnation, advancing through life like a clothed ghost of an empty body envelope ...

Lu Jong responds to these problems by allowing everyone to improve their health and their zest for life, by regaining the sensitivity of body and mind and by developing their consciousness, by awakening inner listening.


The primary purpose of Lu Jong is to improve and maintain health by increasing resistance to disease. Overall strength improves, immunity improves, and endurance increases. Regular practice of Lu Jong increases internal heat, which is directly linked to the processes of metabolic and cellular functions.


The body and the mind are intimately linked. By sharpening body awareness, Lu Jong strengthens the concentration force of the mind and calms the mind. We can thus free ourselves from negative emotions such as anger, hatred and greed, and develop positive emotions such as compassion and joy.


Breath is the link between body and mind. It is our life energy. But there is another type of breath, more subtle, the wind which circulates in the channels of our body. By learning to control this wind, we can heal imbalances and illnesses. Lu Jong movements open and close our canals at specific points, loosening blockages and encouraging the wind to flow smoothly through the canals. A good circulation of the wind in the channels allows to have the body and the spirit in balance. The mind is then clear and one can freely and fully experience love and compassion.


"Lorsque vous courez après vos pensées, vous êtes comme un chien qui poursuit un bâton - chaque fois qu'un bâton est lancé,

vous courez après lui.
Mais si à la place vous regardez d'où viennent vos pensées, vous verrez que chaque pensée surgit et se dissout dans l'espace de cette conscience, sans donner lieu à d'autres pensées.
Soyez comme un lion qui, plutôt que de courir après le bâton, se tourne vers le lanceur. On ne lance un bâton sur un lion qu'une seule fois."

Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpoché.


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# five-Elements?

Tibetan medicine and Tantrayana are based on the theory of the 5 elements.

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These 5 elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Space.

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There are 3 types of elements.

external elements,

the secret elements,

top secret items.

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Tibetan medicine

works to restore the balance between the elements.

However, who says "balance" means that there will also be an "imbalance" ready to manifest.

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In Tantrayana,

we therefore go further in order not to seek only balance, but transformation.

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Each element manifests in various ways on the physical body and on the subtle body, the latter being our energy body.

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Our consciousness is closely related to the state of our energy body. Each element manifests a mental aspect.

Pure and unclean mental aspect.

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By acting on the elements, we allow the transformation from our impure mental aspects to our pure mental aspects.

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We thus switch from negative, disruptive emotions such as pride, attachment, anger, jealousy, greed, to beneficial emotions such as calm, non-self, compassion, love, 'equanimity.

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We are thus working on the 5 main poisons of Buddhism.