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Meditation and tibetan Kum Nye yoga, the yoga of mindfulness and energy

kum = the body, the existence (how to take shape) / nye = massage or interaction.

In Kum Nye, we activate the body Kum, stimulating the feeling/sensation which is Nye.

Kum Nye can often be related to a meditation in motion.

Kum Nye has nothing to do with yoga as we know it in the west. It is a spiritual practice associated with a form of energetic « psychotherapy ». Kum Nye includes a whole serie of simple therapeutic exercices meant to relieve stress, transmute « negativ behavioral structures », enhance balance and health and make our existence more agreeable.

The exceptional value of this tibetan healing system resides in the integration of a physical and a psychological approach to well-being and it teaches us to integrate body and mind in all our activities. Kum Nye leads to a feeling of vitality and well-being beyond what may be experienced through other systems of physical exercices. The postures and movements, as well as self-massages and breathing practices, relax the body, calm the breath and pacifies the mind, making Kum Nye an efficient practice to deepen meditation.

Kum Nye includes stillness, movement, postures, breathing exercices, self-massage techniques and some visualizations.

The practices focus on the three types of tensions held within the body :

  • superficial tensions,

  • blocks in the energy channels,

  • knots in the chakras.

As the tensions melt, the life-energies start to flow more freely throughout the body. In this process, the flow of energy supresses the filters of perception and we start to feel more purely, instead of fitering the experience through our thoughts and memories.

Thereby, Kum Nye is a healing practice as well as an excellent preparation to establish and maintain inner calm and clarity, the basis of Shamata and the practice of Vipassana. Kum Nye establishes a feeling of wholeness in which it is easy to detect calm. When we enter into calm, the meditation starts.

Thanks to Kum Nye, we rebuild the inner architecture of the subtle body's energetic system.

The practice

Kum Nye yoga offers 115 exercices composed of movements, postures, breaths, self-massages.

The first step of Kum Nye yoga and meditation is to establish mental calm and to develop inner well-being. Through mindfulness of the body, the breath and the feeling, we will advance in Shamata practice, or Shine in tibetan, while alternating movements and seated posture, to integrate body and mind and make inner well-being emerge, of which the principal caracteristics are space and inner calm.

The second step of Kum Nye yoga and meditation consists of integrating the inner and outer energies and to make manifest the feeling of bliss, of inner joy.

The first step of Kum Nye consists of 10 levels including around ten stages of understanding and perception each.

The 115 exercices are practiced in all levels and stages, the way to approach and to perceive them changes during the learning process, the perception and the energetic transformation of the practitionner.

The exercices are performed rather slowly, alternated with meditations.

Who for ?

Kum Nye yoga is open to everyone. Beneficial for young and less young people, these easy exercices are performed gently.

The rythm

Kum Nye yoga is a very special practice, a kind of meditation in motion. It is open to everyone, except for the persons who want to perform postures or make a gymnastic. With this practice, you will build up muscles, that is sure, but within slowness... The goal being to open one's consciousness to a new perception of the body, which cannot unfold within the usual rythm of modern man...

Benefits and levels of experience in Kum Nye yoga

The aim of this yoga is to enable the practitionner to be in contact with the reality of her/his own nature.

This yoga facilitates deeper and deeper degrees of relaxation and offers us 3 stages of progress : Pacification – Transformation – Liberation.

All the exercices are ways to comunicate with our sensations, our inner energies, and to amplify them. Each exercice can be experienced under the three distinct stages of relaxation :

  • The first stage : pacification. The body awakens and comunicates with the mind. This first superficial stage is what we obviously feel on the physical or emotional level as coolness or heat, joy or sadness, a feeling of pain or relaxation, tingling, pins and needles... These are surface sensations, they are located in precise places of the body and we are conscious that we are experiencing these sensations during the exercice. Paying attention to these initial sensations allows us to reach a deeper level.

  • The second stage : transformation. We are here in a sensation of a greater density and consistency which manifests by sort of holding back the energy flow. Through concentration, we will learn to dissolve it. We then whitness a progressiv defrost of the blocages of reccuring mental pattern of our structure. These held-back energies, by melting, regenerate and flow again. We feel lighter and more free internally. This second stage grants a more sustained attention to the initial sensations or feelings, so we use them to sharpen our perception which enables to detect block in the energetic flow. As the blocks in the energetic flow cannot be defined in emotional or physical terms, we speak of three caracteristics : the restraint, the resistance and the hardness. This step of perception is harder to « touch » than the first, however, we can by concentrating, without forcing and softly, lift the blocages. We then get the feeling the exercice is being done by itself and even if the consciousness of the self percieving the sensation remains, we can feel it less strongly.

  • The third stage : liberation. It presents itself when our true potential expresses itself freely. All the residues of conditioning are transcended. The third stage penetrates the sphere of pure energy, of pure experience, where the remainder of structuration are transcended. The feelings and sensations aren't observed but transformed in a continuum generating irresistable and infinite joy. We are one with perception, we became perception.

The origins

Kum Nye yoga is anchored in a twelve centuries old therapeutic doctrine, inherent to bouddhist tibetan culture. In Tibet, Kum Nye yoga was developed together with other medical practices as a physical therapy intended to restore humoral balance as well as to lift energetic blocks at all levels of incarnation. Useful at freeing the body and pacifying the psycho-emotional sphere, it was also used by bouddhist practitionners as a preparation for meditation and other complex yoga exercices.

In tibetan medical texts, the practice of Kum Nye yoga was primarily a therapy aimed at releasing energetic blocages.

Its practices are also described in general terms in the Vinaya bouddhist texts (coming from India, these teachings were aimed at guiding the conduct of monks and nuns) and were proposing means to relieve fatigue experienced through long periods of meditation.

The Kum Nye yoga presented here has been adapted for westerners by Tarthang Tulku. Internationaly renowned teacher, known for his innovative conceptions, his visionnary mind and his independance, he is the author of numerous books about tibetan yoga, bouddhism, personnal development.

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