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Tibetan Energetics - France : A "rime" center, opened to all the authentic lineages of Tibetan yogas, dedicated to promotion and preservation of tibetan yogas !

Tog Chöd, a meditation in motion, coming from the monastic dances.

Tog Chöd is a complete practice created by Tulku Lobsang and is rooted in the father tantrayana. The movements and postures come from the Cham dances and from the Kalachakra dances.

The postures are the method and the movements are the wisdom. The union of method and wisdom, which is the essence of buddhism, expresses itself in the form of Tog Chöd.

A form that we gradually make stable and clear in order to develop :

  • concentration,

  • alertness,

  • continuity.

These qualities are the basis to all meditative practices.

Tog Chöd meditations

This practice has the goal to bring us clarity of mind by establishing us in the present moment with a practice associating 3 levels of meditation which are :

  • mindfulness,

  • meditation of transformation,

  • and meditation of purification.

The fight of the Vajra warrior through Tog Chöd

In Tog Chöd, the only enemy is ourself.

We fight our demons related to the past and our enemies related to the future.

In the past we are attached to our fears, in the future we project our expectations, looking outside of us for a way to satisfy our inner insatisfactions.

The sword, our ally, our inner wisdom

The sword is the symbol of wisdom, we use it to lift the screens of our ignorance and to install a beneficial peace through a clear spirit.

The benefits

The practice allows to :

  • stop our excessive thoughts,

  • make our minds clear and empty,

  • reduce and cut our fears and expectations,

  • transform our negative emotions into wisdom and compassion,

  • stimulate and train our body physically, emotionally and mentally.

Who is it for ?

This practice is open to everyone ! Yes, everyone ! Each person will be able to practice at her own level, at her pace, given her abilities !

The origins

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche first received the teaching of Lu Jong in the Bön tradition at the age of eleven. He also received the teachings and transmissions of almost all the tibetan lineages, except from the Nyingma tradition. This approach is very rare because it is very difficult. He is thus considered Rime, which means non-sectarian. He studied bouddhist meditation, tibetan medicine and astrology. Beeing in contact with westerners, Tulku Lobsang decided to gather the Lu Jong exercices from the different traditions and lineages, then he modified and adapted them to the western people's bodies so that people of all ages and physical conditions could practice them.

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