Tibetan Energetics - France : A "rime" center, opened to all the authentic lineages of Tibetan yogas, dedicated to promotion and preservation of tibetan yogas !


I am based at the foot of Mont Blanc, the top mountain of Europe !

Our practice rooms spread from 1000 m high up to 3842 m high ! yes !

The "pays du mont Blanc" is worldly known for its mountain peaks, its eternal snow, its glaciers, its lakes nested in lovely green pine forest...


In this natural and amazing environement, i can propose you retreats in english language from 2 persons only !

So set your group of 2 and let's go for the retreat !


This will give you the oportunity to learn the tibetan yoga practices of :

  • Lu Jong, healing tibetan yoga,
  • Tog Chöd, the wisdom sword,
  • Kum Nyé, tibetan yoga of mindfullness and energy.


I can as well organise for you a Teacher Training in English language, right here at the foot of the highest mountain of Europe ! And in this case, your accomodation is provided for free !!! See more on this page ! It is ok for 1 person minimum so do not hesitate longer !!!!

I can as well organise a Teacher Training in your country, then you will have to be 2 or 3 people, depending of the country and conditions for me in matter of logging, room rental for teachning,... Just contact me so we can discuss it !!!




Live from the blog...

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